Giant Animals You Won't Believe Are Real

Big Pig
This seriously huge beast is titled The World's Biggest Pig weighing 1,984 pounds. The proud owner lives in Wafangdian City and has taken perfect care of her since her birth.

Big Jake
This is one horse you better steer clear of. Weighing 2,600 pounds with a height of 210 centimeters, this is one heck of a beast.

Spa Day!
This giant dog will make washing him a serious undertaking. This spa session took 2 hours and 4 bottles of shampoo!

This is Blossom. She is the worlds tallest cow and reaches the amazing height of 6 feet, 4 inches. Blossom passed away recently after a leg injury, but she will always have a place in our hearts.

Saltwater Crocodile
This scary water creature terrorized locals after he caused the death of one villager. It took 3 weeks and over 100 men to hunt down this 21 foot crocodile.

It takes a lot of apples and carrots to satisfy the worlds tallest bunny, Darius. He reaches a crazy height of 21 inches.

Zeus The Great
Zeus certainly lives up to his name. He is a giant Great Dane reaching an amazing 44 inches. Now that is one tall dog!

Big Cow Chilli
The giant cow stands at an awe inspiring 6 feet, 6 inches and weighs over a ton. You would doubt it, but her diet consists completely of grass and hay.

Beauty & The Beast
Now this dog would have been perfect to play the part of the beast, but in fact, this is a house pet that might be one of the biggest dogs ever.

Wild Pig
No one could have imagined the 11 year old hunter who took down this 1,051 pound wild hog - but he did. Jamison Stone's prize kill measures over 9 feet, and will supplying him and his family with bacon for years.

The Winner
Not only is this a seriously tall guy, his dog is even bigger! This pooch wins.

Hercules Moth
You don't want to catch one of these flying around your house. The Hercules Moth is native to Australia and New Guinea and have an average wing span of 10 inches.

This is not an everyday sight. This giant Oarfish washed up on shore and had to be carried by 10 people before being fried up.

The Cutest Couple
Now this pooch and toddler couple is one to make you stop in awe.

Field Marshall
This is one guy to watch your feet around. Field Marshall is the tallest bull in the world and measures 6 feet, 5 inches.

Gibson, a Harlequin Great Dane, is the tallest dog in the world. He reaches a staggering 7 feet above the ground and weights 170 pounds. Although giant, he is still pretty cute.

Hercules The Cat
Hercules is a liger - yes, you read correctly. This animal is a mix between a male lion and a female tiger. He weights a hefty 900 pounds and thus has been named the worlds biggest cat.

Hercules The Dog
Hercules is the worlds biggest dog, weighting 282 pounds, and the most insane part is he is only 3 years old! The owner Flynn swears he doesn't feed Hercules anything special, he just seems to keep growing.

Giant Catfish
No one wants to be caught swimming next to this one. Caught in the Mekong river, this catfish measures 6.5 feet and weighs 644 pounds.

Bismark Flying Fox
This might be a strange name for a bat, but these flying creatures are seriously huge. They can weigh up to 3 pounds with a wingspan of 5 - 6 feet. Makes you not want to walk around at night.

Giant African Snail
This giant snail species is the largest in the world and is considered an invasive species. These guys can grow up to 8 inches, can lay 1200 eggs per year and live 5 - 6 years. If these guys are not controlled, they can take over quickly.

Huge Stingray
Now this is seriously scary. This is the largest stingray ever recorded and measures 7 foot long. It took several hours and 13 men to drag her out of the water.

Weta Cricket
This giant cricket is a creature you don't want to run into in tall grass. A native to New Zealand this bug is the largest of its kind in the world.

Longest Legs
This giant pooch has some seriously long legs reaching almost 5 foot! How that is one tall babysitter!

Lolong The Long Crocodile
Lolong was one of the largest saltwater crocodiles ever recorded until she died in captivity. She measured a whopping 21 feet.

This Maine Coon cat Ludo is seriously huge at only 17 months old. Currently he weighs 24.5 pounds, but he keeps growing at the same pace, things might get out of control.

Huntsman Spider
This seriously huge spider is big enough to freak anybody out. This spider can eat birds and is native to the South Eastern country Laos. So... not going there.

Unlikely BFF's
Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.

Macroptychaster Star Fish
These giant star fish were found in the arctic waters of New Zealand. These creatures can grow up to 2 feet wide. Yikes!

Don't Look Back
Let's hope that boxer doesn't turn around, he will most certainly be freaked out!

No, this is not a moose without antlers. This is a giant horse named Moose. Originally bred for war,his species can reach great heights. Moose stands at 19 feet and is the Percheron world champion.

Giant Husky
Now this husky mix is a seriously huge dog. We bet at least 3 people could ride on his back.

Coconut Crabs
These guys are the largest species of crab, in fact, they are the largest anthropods in the world and are found on islands in the Indian and Pacific oceans. They can grow up 3 feet long and weigh up to 9 pounds.

The giant pig lovingly named Norm, weights 1,600 pounds and measures 7.5 feet from head to tail. Now that's a lot of bacon.

Got Your Back
This giant pooch might look like the hugest dog ever, but he is not the biggest on our list.

Radar is one of the worlds largest horses, weighing 2,400 pounds. But to reach that size, he must have an appetite to match. Radar consumes 20 gallons of water and 18 pounds of grain per day.

The Hugest Hug
Now look at that, this is one happy couple.

Large Lap Dog
I am seriously happy I am not this guy's legs right now.

The Lady Lover
Although this giant pit bull might look intimidating, he is actually a real lover and a very sweet pooch.

A Husky To Rule Them All
This giant husky looks more like something out of a nightmare than a house pet.

Lions And Tigers And...
On first glance, we seriously thought this was a bear. Wow, what a huge dog!

Nothing Is Safe
This is one pooch you cannot hide the treats from.

The Biggest Spoon
Get into bed with this fella is no joke. But more dog means more to love.

In The Lap Of Love
This big guy never wants to grow up. He will forever be a momma's boy.

Dog Lifts
When he decided to look for a dog trainer, this is not what he was was thinking of...

One Of The Guys
This cute pooch has forgotten he is not a lap dog. He just wants to hang with the fellas.

Self Service
This big guy doesn't need a water bowl when the sink is so accessible.

Big Love
This fella has buckets of love to give, as well as buckets of drool too.

Stare Down
This is a serious competition - who is going to blink first?

It's Been A Long Day
When you come home after a long day, all you want to do it lay around the house. We totally get it.

Walk Time
Yep, you saw it right, this is a dog walking his pet pony. Adorable!

Watch Out!
Now this is one dog you don't want to run into on a dark night.

Big Fella
This guy has pretty much forgotten how huge he is. Cutie.

Blocking The Way
Excuse me, while I take up the entire sidewalk with my huge body.

The Incredible Hulk
Now this dog is certainly incredible, and his name is Hulk!

A Wet Kiss
I know this kiss is sloppy, but its because I love you!

Bed Time
Now this looks like the most comfortable bed ever!

Moving Statue
This giant dog might look like a statue, but believe me, he's alive!

Guard Bear
This dog is the perfect guard dog. Some might even think he is a bear and will steer clear of your place!

Best Friends
Not only are these two big, they also look the same!